How This Will All Work

After much deliberation – and too much gambling without properly keeping track of profit/loss – I have decided to set up a website dedicated to my following of NBA basketball and my bets related to it.

I’ll be keeping a page dedicated to my P/L regularly updated on the site in order to prove just how good or bad I am at this stuff. I know, it is far too early to be referring to myself as a ‘tipster’ but what else was I going to call this thing?

I’m not affiliated with any bookmakers and have no insider knowledge per se, but believe I have been relatively good at spotting value available on NBA markets with UK bookies. Most of the odds are relatively skinny, so a 2/1+ winner is pretty big when it comes to betting on the NBA. However, I will be on the lookout for throwaway bets at bigger prices – mainly silly #requestabet combos and the like – along with some ante post stuff prior to and during the season.

Anyway, I hope that I’m able to post decent figures and some of you (if there are any of ‘you’) are able to make a bit of extra cash following my tips on here!

I’ll be posting my ante post bets on here in a bit and I’ll have them pinned on the site to keep track of them throughout the (hopefully) exciting upcoming season!

PSA: Yes, I will be writing it up in the dreaded “have 1pt on this or that” so apologies in advance for the cringeworthy vernacular…

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