Weekly Review: 5/11 – 11/11

Weekly Review: 5/11-11/11

The full breakdown of bets and how they did will be made up of weekly blog posts (like this one), whilst tracking of success over the course of the season will be followed on the Profit/Loss page.

For the sake of clarity, wagering has been calculated as £100 per point staked. Please gamble responsibly – decide what your 1pt stake is and try not to stray from it. This way you can easily keep track of your profits and losses, whilst also ensuring you don’t try to win back your lost money irresponsibly.

A disastrous week for us.

Our first tip of the week came in the game between the Raptors and Jazz in Utah. The expected tiredness the Raptors should’ve suffered from after playing the previous night and losing an hour to play at altitude in Utah didn’t materialise. The Raptors ran away with it after a horrific start to the second half by the Jazz. Not the end of the world, it was 13/2 for a reason.

Next up were the bets for the Milwaukee game at Golden State. With Draymond out injured and the league’s two highest scoring teams playing – the tips were Giannis Antetokounmpo to score over 26.5 points and a side bet for him to record a triple double at 15/2. Giannis was well on his way to eclipsing the point line at the halfway point. However, him and the Bucks managed to play too well against the Warriors – a blowout victory was all but secured at the half! The Greek Freak ended up playing no part in the final quarter and sat with 24 points. Incredibly frustrating.

The following night, the Celtics faced the Jazz in another game with fatigue to be expect for the visitors. Finally, this proved to be the case. We took the Jazz -3.5 and they managed to secure this despite a late surge from Boston down the stretch. The half point bet for the double result didn’t land – the Jazz led wire to wire.

The week ended on a game that had been marked down at the beginning of the season. The Bucks were facing a tough game at the end of a tough road trip out West – the Denver Nuggets on the second leg of a back-to-back. We had two points on the Denver -3.5 handicap, expecting them to easily cover this (being a top team against a tired away side) and a half stake on the Bucks/Nuggets halftime/fulltime. At the half, both bets looked good – the Bucks led by four but they seemed sure to tire. However, the third quarter saw Brook Lopez post a freak performance for the Bucks scoring eight threes and putting the Nuggets on the back foot despite an otherwise strong performance.

In the end, the Nuggets managed to lose by seven in a game they would’ve easily won without Lopez’s freak shooting and with any semblance of late game decision making and shot making. We ended the week on a severely frustrating game and results that could have gave us a nice profit.

Check out the breakdown of this week’s gambles in spreadsheet form below.

Betting results for week 5/11-11/11. -68% return on investment on a total of seven bets.
Betting results for week 5/11-11/11. -68% return on investment on a total of seven bets.

Over the seven bets this week, we somehow only managed to win one. To be fair, there was four selections at 5/1 or bigger – so we can’t be entirely surprised or disappointed. The week as a whole saw a return on investment of -68% and sees the overall ROI drop to -60%. It’s been a case of close yet so far this week – had the two bets for the final game of the week landed, like they looked to have, we would be sitting pretty with an ROI of 49% for the week!

Hopefully we can turn it around over the coming weeks. Check out the Profit/Loss page for tracking of overall profits over the course of the season.

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