Triple threat bet

Kyle Lowry and Bens Simmons

Tonight sees the two pivotal Conference Semi Final games in series that are tied at 2-2 take place in Toronto and Denver.

With both games too close to call, I have opted to back a combination of three players to score over 15 points over the two games.

In the game between the Raptors and the 76ers (1AM GMT tip off), I’m siding with both team’s point guards to be able to put up 15 points. Sure, Ben Simmons and Kyle Lowry are both pass-first guards, but they’re averaging 10 and 12.5 points per game respectively for this series. Simmons has the quality to boss a game on his day (especially should Joel Embiid continue to struggle with illness) and Lowry will look good for 15 if he can get some early points or knock down the threes he should be making.

Additionally, I’ll be needing Paul Millsap to score his 15 points in the Nuggets’ game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Unlike the other two, Millsap doesn’t have to shoulder his team’s playmaking duties, so should have less difficulty notching the required points. Millsap has been averaging a healthy near 18 points per game on 55% shooting.

All things considered, it’s not crazy to imagine these three players each scoring 15 points tonight. With Paul Millsap, Ben Simmons and Kyle Lowry 15+ points each at 7/1 with Paddy Power, I had to have a go. Good luck.

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