Season Previews: Chasing The Playoffs

Miami, Cleveland, Charlotte, Washington chase the playoffs.

Continuing on from our previews of the East's big three and those chasing them for a top seed, we're now taking a look at the teams on fringe of the playoff picture. Assuming the six teams already previewed will make the playoffs as they should, only two of these four can make it to the … Continue reading Season Previews: Chasing The Playoffs

The Ever Intriguing Jimmy Butler Saga

Where will Butler be playing this season?

Having spent the best part of a week trying to make sense of the Jimmy Butler dilemma, we aren't any closer to learning where he'll be playing his trade next season (no pun intended). Butler has been excused from having to participate in the team's media day on Monday - not something done very often … Continue reading The Ever Intriguing Jimmy Butler Saga